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Moreni S.r.l. was the first Italian company to produce power harrows. From the original prototype, which was developed over forty years ago, to today’s products, we have pursued a single ambitious goal: to design and build machines from high quality technique, combining effectiveness of workmanship and durability.
To achieve such a level of quality we have systematically invested in research and development, on and off the field.
Our Strong Points are a natural expression of skills and ability to work, pictured as exclusive systems originating from the experience and attention to every single detail. Try us out to understand how these interesting applications will make your tools unique and inimitable.

The connection between the single cast special crown with an elongated sleeve and the shortened central shaft (75 mm), allows a perfect power transmission between gear box and gear wheels cascade.
Thanks to GEAR SYSTEM and materials quality, Moreni’s harrows are able to work in all types of soil and in combination with high power.

Moreni rear leveling bar is designed to work near the rotors. This feature guarantees a better soil result. Our special bars are shock absorber to guarantee a steady flow of soil and to better withstand impacts.

Moreni foldable power harrows are rotors minimized interspace designed, only 22,5 cm. An higher number of rotors per meter improves soil breaking. Engine effort is maximized while fuel consumption is minimized.

The rapid replacement of the Moreni Blades is extremely functional, economical and safe. It is a system designed to operate without the need of specific tools and with the objective of allowing the use of traditional blades. In addition, the Special Rapid flange can also be applied ex-post and guarantees great flexibility of choice after purchase.

Roller Transmission System

SOFT mechanic seeders metering quantity is linked on roller speed forward. Smart, safe and high precision solution.

Motion System

Samurai Blade

Vertical rotor technology is extremely flexible and can also be used with the purpose of smashing crop residues and roots of harvested products. SAMURAI BLADE SYSTEM combines special Blades with Lateral Fins with a particular Crusher Roller, the effect on residues of corn, soy, sunflower, rapeseed, grassland and much more is truly amazing.

Vertical Rotor Consuption Analysis